Progress and impact

How far have we progressed in creating a world free of cancer, infectious killers or diabetes? Who’s making moves in key domains of healthcare innovation? What will we be able to achieve in the next decade and how to get there?
Healthy Ageing

Treating ageing

“At the moment in medicine, we focus on treating individual diseases, such as cancer or heart disease, stroke or Alzheimer’s, all as siloed endeavours. But if we were able to…
Gemma Milne
February 5, 2019

Generation Moonshot

Generation Moonshot

Startling insights into Alzheimer’s disease by prof. Franck Polleux

Prof. Franck Polleux is at the forefront of brain research and neurodegeneration. His work has led to surprising discoveries about one of our brain’s most formative foes: Alzheimer’s disease.
Generation Moonshot

Implantable microprobe for Parkinson’s ambition of MIT PhD student

Khalil Ramadi is enhancing how we treat neuropsychiatric disorders using multifunctional brain microprobes and localized, highly controlled drug delivery.