Our Story

Healthcare needs a trip to the moon!

Moonshot for Life is a global healthcare innovation nerve center reporting, storifying and connecting  progress and impact in healthcare and medical innovation towards a goal of saving and extending as many years of life as possible. 

Recent achievements and challenges in improving health globally have inspired us to connect, communicate, inspire and invite people to exchange their thoughts, their aspirations, experiences and believes, there hopes, but also their fears and challenges.  To even better connect all people in the field, beyond the boundaries of the organizations they are part of, we have called out ‘10 Moonshots for Life’ and brought them together as the cornerstones of this community.

We hope the platform may enable smart innovators and bold minds to uncover opportunities or to start tackling challenges that remained unsolved. To strengthen the ‘Moonshot for Life’ community, we will make our partnerships stronger, advance the platform and continuously finetune and align our goals to other initiatives.  This is just the beginning: the nucleus of a broader initiative that we want to kickstart NOW!

Nicole Verbeeck
Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Kurt Hertogs