Healthcare needs a trip to the moon!

Moonshot for Life is a global nerve center reporting, storifying and measuring progress and impact in healthcare and medical innovation towards a goal of saving and extending x billion years of life. This is the goal to which we all subscribe, do we? We are shining a light on those innovators and ideators who are working to give people more time to live life to the fullest.

Who are they? Where are they? How far have they progressed in creating a world free of cancer, infectious killers or diabetes? Where are they in creating an inclusive healthier world? How can we connect all the ingredients we already have for increased success? How can we make smart combinations and connections between all these innovators? How can we develop new ways of working together and unlocking innovative approaches?

Recent achievements in improving health really inspire us to do more. We have defined 10 Moonshot goals around which we will report and measure progress to ultimately achieve the goal of saving and extending x billion years of life. It will enable smart innovators to predict trends and reveal opportunities. Our moonshots are presented here as illustrative and have not been finalized. To fulfill our mandate, we will make our partnerships stronger, advance the platform and finetune our moonshot goals and reporting.

This is our shared sense of purpose. We are not there yet, this is Phase I, the nucleus of our initiative which we already want to give a kickstart. Our plan is ambitious, but it must be. Moonshot for Life reminds us of what is at stake. Our most precious health. Every moment counts.

It’s time to make moves

In 10 important domains of healthcare innovation. In 10 moonshots for life.