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Implantable microprobe for Parkinson’s ambition of MIT PhD student

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Khalil is a PhD candidate in the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology division, studying Medical Engineering and Medical Physics. His current project is focused on developing implantable microprobes for chronic drug delivery to brain microstructures. His previous research experience includes microfluidics, circulating tumor cells, and nanoparticle toxicity. Khalil also served as Co-Director of MIT Hacking Medicine, a student group dedicated to enhancing the creation of novel solutions to pressing healthcare problems across the world. He is passionate about increasing the translation of fresh ideas and concepts from bench to bedside through research and entrepreneurship.

My Passion

Enhancing how we treat neuropsychiatric disorders using multifunctional brain microprobes and localized, highly controlled drug delivery.

My Moment of Impact

Discovery that one can reversibly modulate Parkinsonian states using implanted wireless brain interfacing systems.

My Moonshot for Life

Using chronic microprobes to treat patients with Parkinson’s, epilepsy and other brain disorders.

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