There is a way out, together. We need to make informed decisions. But how? The key is data. This is why a multidisciplinary supergroup of health professionals, privacy experts, and software developers, backed by leading technology companies and commercial entities is building MiPasa. Utilizing powerful analytics and privacy tools that were up until now only available to elite financial institutions, the team found a way to gather reliable, quality data, and make it easily accessible to the appropriate entities in order to efficiently battle the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic in a humane, fair and more sustainable manner.

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Source: MiPasa

Nicole Verbeeck

Nicole Verbeeck

Nicole Verbeeck is Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Moonshot for Life, covering global health progress. She is also founder of Juneau Cayenne, a creative design, content and technology lab crafting innovative storytelling experiences for clients in healthcare and life sciences worldwide and she is a healthy food chef focusing on prevention of disease.

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