The Moonshot for Life Team

Nicole Verbeeck

Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Nicole Verbeeck is Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Moonshot for Life, covering medical innovation across the world. She is tracking progress in the development of new fundamental insights and the development of healthcare innovations across the globe that have the potential to save as many lives as possible.

Nicole is also founder of Juneau Cayenne, a creative design, content and technology lab in Brussels and New York crafting innovative storytelling experiences for clients in healthcare and life sciences worldwide. Prior to founding Juneau Cayenne, she worked in the pharmaceutical industry. Nicole is passionate about shaping healthcare communications next chapter and about bringing the beat in science and technology.

Sarah Neidler


Sarah Neidler is a German molecular biologist and did her Ph.D. at the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research in Glasgow. She discovered her passion for communicating essential scientific findings to the general public, and now works as a science and medical writer. She has a strong interest in how nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can support realizing the 10 moonshots. Her editorial focus lies in the treatment and prevention of chronic conditions such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Kurt Hertogs

Co-Founder and
Generation Moonshot Catalyst

Kurt is a future oriented Life Sciences & Healthcare professional with over 30 years of business- and leadership experience (Referral to Linked In Profile) . He believes in, has experienced, and passionately speaks about, the extraordinary power of talented individuals working together in small and high performing teams to create value for society, or to transform businesses in the most effective and impactful manner.
Saving the lives of people, including some of his colleagues and friends, that otherwise would have died from HIV/AIDS, is what Kurt calls the most gratifying ``Moment of Impact`` in his professional life. This was only possible through carefully building, inspiring, leading ànd challenging teams of highly complementary talented individuals. These teams were built to outperform competition, ànd they did!

In today's work as a founder of his own company Graphene. Works, Kurt starts from the observation that significant amounts of money and talent are often locked (and wasted) in teams and organizations without necessarily reaching a performance level needed to have meaningful impact, or create value, in tomorrow's world.
Moving from problem to solution, Kurt started working with and in organizations to explore how in a world of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, IoT, exponential- or value driven innovation, teams can be re-engineered to get to a level of ``augmented performance`` beyond business-as-usual. He hereby capitalizes on his own talent profile of being able to effectively build and lead teams of talented people to reach their ambitious goals. Indeed, as for himself, on an individual level, future generations of professionals will need to craft their own personal 'momentum' between intrinsic talent, basic education, personal energy ànd the deliberate choices on which teams to join, or not! To have impact, one should not accept mediocrity!

Through his current assignments, Kurt hopes to create unequivocal evidence that this relentless pursuit of individual ànd collective ``Augmented Performance`` will be key to create multiple future ``Moments of Impact`` and consequently ``Value For Society`` in the world ahead of us.

Gemma Milne


Gemma is Contributor for Moonshot for Life. She is a creative Scottish science-lover, obsessed with technology. Gemma is Co-Founder of Science: Disrupt - an organisation connecting the innovators, iconoclasts & entrepreneurs intent on creating change in science. Science: Disrupt produces podcasts events and editorial, and has brought together a large community (both on and off-line) of brilliant thinkers and do-ers. Gemma focuses on biotech, energy, space, health, advanced computing & changing the way we do academic research and is also a Freelance Writer, writing for The Guardian, the BBC, Singularity Hub, Adweek, Imperica & Ogilvydo, covering science, tech, culture and politics. Gemma is an Expert Advisor for the European Commission, specialising in health, biotech and space, and is one of the World Economic Forum's Global Shapers. She is also an advisor to SXSW and to the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. Gemma is an International speaker having delivered keynotes at SXSW, TEDx, WPP Stream, Cannes Lions and Dubai Lynx, and is always keen to engage in lively debate around the topics she is set to tackle. Previously, Gemma was the Tech Innovation Strategist at Ogilvy Labs and Investment Banker at J.P. Morgan.