The time is now to do our part. For the first time in history agendas are not competing, but working together. There is only one agenda item in the world, global health progress to combat COVID-19. COVID-19 is a pandemic that crossed all our agendas and put the world on hold. Everyone is now focusing and working hard to combat the virus. Corona as we call it, makes all of us in healthcare go through a roller coaster of emotions, efforts and hard work to save the world. As you can see in this overview everyone involved in healthcare is working at an increased rhyhthm to deliver and contribute towards saving many lives of people affected by the coronavirus. 2020 presents us with an unprecedented amount of challenges. A large number of partners, institutions and organizations are making deep dive efforts which we are following. Please let us know what you are doing to help beat the virus and prepare for future global health threats.

As we look at 2020 and beyond, it’s clear that we need now more than ever a collective and coordinated action – I call it a moonshot for life – not only in the COVID-19 response, but also in the overall global health space. As such, we will continue our work in supporting the global healthcare community. The world, and healthcare will be remodeled and in these times of extreme challenges – overwhelmingly busy with thousands of initiatives – all of us working in this crucial sector need to stay together, back to back, while keeping distance. Alll of us working in this crucial sector need to stay together, #backtoback, while keeping distance #moonshot4life #endcorona Click To Tweet

Nicole Verbeeck

Nicole Verbeeck

Nicole Verbeeck is Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Moonshot for Life, covering global health progress. She is also founder of Juneau Cayenne, a creative design, content and technology lab crafting innovative storytelling experiences for clients in healthcare and life sciences worldwide and she is a healthy food chef focusing on prevention of disease.

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